Bishop Shanahan National School


Enrolment Form 2022

To enrol your child for a place in Bishop Shanahan N.S. in September 2022 please complete the following pre-enrolment form Enrolment Form 2022.


If you need any assistance please email
Points to bear in mind:
Offers of places are not related to the date of application but are determined by the criteria as set out in Paragraph 6 of the Admission Policy. Applications can be made up to January 28th. 
Supporting paperwork, ie proof of address, where applicable, (see Paragraph 6 of Admission Policy) can be posted to the school separately. Please attach your reference number when sending it. If you already have a child in the school this paperwork is not required. 


BSNS Admission Policy


BSNS Admission Notice 2022/2023


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