Bishop Shanahan National School

Traffic Management and Parking

South Dublin County Council (SDCC) requested a meeting with the principals of Bishop Shanahan N.S. and Bishop Galvin N.S. to address the management of traffic on Rossmore Road.  The practices of parents / guardians parking cars on double yellow lines, parking close to junctions and roundabouts and allowing children to alight from cars while still in traffic are three of the main concerns.  SDCC is considering closing roads off to cars if a safe solution cannot be found.

The schools share the concerns of SDCC and have also had numerous complaints from parents and residents who live on Rossmore Road.  Driveways have been blocked at 9:00 a.m., 1:40 p.m. and 2:40 p.m. by people dropping off and collecting children at these times.

We now intend to trial a traffic management plan on the week beginning 4th February.  It will involve:

  • Keeping the set-down area on Rossmore Road free of parking to facilitate parents / guardians who wish to drop off their children.
  • The placing of cones near junctions and roundabouts to prevent dangerous parking.
  • The request (again) to parents to not block the right of residents to be able to enter or leave their property.
  • A reminder that the staff car park is for the exclusive use of the staffs of both schools and that entering this car park to drop a child off and/or turn a car is strictly prohibited.

We believe that these measures provide the best and safest solution for all our pupils and may reduce the need for SDCC to take more drastic measures.

We ask you to support this initiative and to allow some extra time in the mornings to locate a suitable parking spot.  Please bring this to the attention of childminders and grandparents involved in the dropping off / collection of your children.  Gardaí from Terenure Garda Station will support and assist the schools throughout the trial.


1st February 2019


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