Bishop Shanahan National School

Workbooks/Extras 2021-2022

The school has been operating a book rental scheme over the past number of years.  All textbooks are now purchased by the school and each child pays a nominal rent for the use of same.  The full cost for the purchase of the books was borne by the school and generously supported by the Parents’ Association.  This has helped to reduce the cost for parents.


The school also purchases all the workbooks.  The benefit of this central purchasing is two-fold:


  • By buying in bulk the school is able to secure a discount from the suppliers, which is used to purchase supplementary readers for all the classes.
  • Parents no longer have to queue up or shop around for books, thereby saving time.


The books will be ordered prior to the summer and will be distributed to the children on their return to school.  The total cost to parents/guardians is as follows:


Junior Infants                        €113.00 (click here to view breakdown of this amount)

Senior Infants                        €110.00 (click here to view breakdown of this amount)

First Class                               €125.00 (click here to view breakdown of this amount)

Second Class                          €120.00 (click here to view breakdown of this amount)

Payment may only be made online – a link will be emailed to you.  We would be grateful if payment could be made by 25th June 2020.  In the current economic climate we understand that you may wish to pay by instalments.



10th June 2021


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