Bishop Shanahan National School

Web Enrolment 2024

Enrolment for 2024 will begin in January 2024.

If you need any assistance please email
Points to bear in mind:
Offers of places are not related to the date of application but are determined by the criteria as set out in Paragraph 6 of the Admission Policy.  Applications can be made up to the 26th January 2024.
Questions regarding medical conditions, SNA support and reports with recommendations for teaching and learning enable our schol to plan in advance for your child.
Please input your child's playschool/montessori name in Previous school.

If you are a resident of Willington Parish (St. Jude's) or Kimmage Manor and do not already have a child in BSNS or BGNS please provide two utility bills (gas or electric) to verify your address.  These utility bills must be in wither of the child's parents/guardians name.  We will also accept a second utility bill option - Home Insurance Renewal documents, Property Tax Documents or Mortgage Statement.  No substitute documentation will be accepted.

Supporting paperwork, ie. proof of address, where applicable (see paragraph 6 of Admission Policy) and your child's birth certificate can be attached to the pre-enrolment form when enrolment begins or posted to the school separately.  Please attach your reference number when posting documentation.

Offers of places will be based on the supporting paperwork provided and will be withdrawn if this information is subsequently found to be false.


Please view our Admission Policy below for further information.


BSNS Admission Policy 2023


BSNS Annual Admission Notice 2023




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