Bishop Shanahan National School

Arrangements for the collection of children's books

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The children's books/book boxes will be available for collection this week at the following times. I hope having them to hand will smooth the return to home schooling somewhat. 


11am - 11.45am  Junior Infants

12pm - 12.45pm  Senior Infants


11am - 11.45am  First Class

12pm - 12.45pm  Second Class

If you are collecting for more than one child please come on Wednesday at the 12pm slot. Bear in mind that the boxes are quite big.

Please take all the necessary steps to ensure your safety:

Remember to:

  • Wear your mask
  • Follow the one way system. Please enter through the door near reception and exit at the door to the left of the car park.
  • Come without children if possible.
  • Avoid all gatherings

Kind regards

Ann Nolan


10th January 2021


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