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Principal's weekly news update

Hello boys and girls!


This has been a busy week for us all. The teachers have shared with me your many activities on Seesaw and you continue to surprise us with your individuality and creativity. We don’t mind if you follow Seesaw, post material on to it, private message it to your teacher or do alternative play and learning activities. It’s all good. Remember Ms Dillon told us that play is the highest form of learning. Your Mammies and Daddies know what works best in your house so follow their advice and, most importantly, have fun.


I hear that Timmy and Billy Sheehan were on the RTÉ News Today programme last Wednesday. Fair play boys. They gave a great interview about doing their GAA training in their back garden complete with a skilled demonstration. 

Media Library - 1-Timmy  Media Library - 2-Evanne  Media Library - 3-Billy  Media Library - 4-Timmy Playing Football

This reminded me of my back garden antics when I was growing up. Not a plant or flower was allowed to grow as we leapt and pranced around unleashing our inner Maradona, Seve, McEnroe, Billie Jean, etc. with the arena changing regularly according to whatever sporting event was on the TV. The games were great fun but the referees decision was never final. I loved the showjumping event every August as I could hold my own on the timed circuit. Rugby season was a worry as I was always the victim of rugby tackles which I never saw coming. It was more a case of bruised ego than actual bruises though. Apart from having a great time we learned negotiating skills while trying to get our own way, resilience when we didn’t succeed and most of all, how to be a team player. So how about you take a leaf out of Timmy and Billy’s book? Off you go Johnny, Rory, Messi, Kevin, Serena and Cora. Show us your moves!!!


Junior Infants had a wonderfully varied week. Here are some of their activities:

  • They were learning about being doctors. They made their own doctors bag from junk and have been busy looking after everybody in their houses. 
  • They learned about number 4 and made gigantic number 4s out of flowers, pebbles and even toy cars.
  • They learned a brand new sound w and came up with wonderful w words from wombat to walrus to watermelon.
  • Lots of the children in Junior Infants are sporting their new DIY haircuts. They look very smart. 
  • They have been very kind to each other sending birthday cards and singing happy birthday to their friends when it was their special day.
  • They designed their own jungles from things/toys they had at home and made a house for their dream pet. Here’s Iarla’s (R3) homemade fish tank:

Media Library - 5-PhotoJI

Wow! I am so impressed with you all.


While last week was a busy week, next week promises to be an even busier one in school. We are arranging to have all your school books collected during this week so that you can work in them over the next month. It will save you time too. 


I have been writing to you since school closed in March so that you would know what your teachers were doing when they weren’t working with you on Seesaw. You know that your school family is still there, that they care about you and will go on caring about you. The teachers, SNAs and I get together (virtually) all the time, planning for the time you are at home and also for our reopening. They have been happy to do this during the daytime, in the evenings and weekends. I thank them sincerely for their warmth, generosity, diversity and efforts. 


I will write to you again in June but I want to finish today with an inspirational story from Ms Caden. She has been helping her family out by minding her nieces, Imogen and Naomi, while their parents work. They look so happy to be together. Imogen loves her paddling pool and listening to her play school teacher reading stories on Seesaw, while Naomi’s favourite thing to do is to paint in the back garden.

Media Library - 6-AnnMarie Collage


But it is Ms Caden’s grandad who has really stolen the show. At 98 years old he lives alone and is self isolating. However, he is lifting everyone’s spirits by sending them videos of himself playing the accordion to all his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He only recently started playing again after a 60 year break. Everyone’s favourite piece is ‘When the saints go marching in’. I think he is a superstar.

Media Library - 7-Grandad Musician


Happy birthday wishes for the next 3 weeks to:

Room 1:  Harley Lee

Room 2: Jamie 

Room 3:  Harry, Lily

Room 4:  Bobby, Sean

Room 6:  Matthew, Niamh

Room 7:   Joey

Room 8:   Conor, Niamh, Roz

Room 9:    Cian, Dara

Room 13:  Braylin, Ronan

Room 14:  Sam

Room 15:  Jack, Mohamed

Room 16:  Amelia, Akshara

Room A3: Jake, Faye, Zach, Caiden, Jarlath


Wishing you all good days and lots of adventures.


Mrs Nolan


17th May 2020


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