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Good afternoon boys and girls!


I hope you enjoyed a good week. Once again the sun shone every day and the birds were in great voice. I spotted a few of you this week while I was out on my ‘zig-zag’ walks. Serena (Room 4) was out for a stroll with her Mum. She introduced me to her two little sisters, Lucia and Ava. Conor (Room 5) is now riding his bike without stablizers like a complete natural. I met Allison’s dog taking her for a walk and Ryan’s (Room15) Mum having a well earned evening walk. All the Mammies I meet or who write to me tell me how wonderful you are all being. 


Second classes went on a virtual trek through the jungle this week, reading up on it, writing lists for jungle explorers and capping it all off with some jungle art. The wings of imagination know no borders.

They were also estimating and measuring in Maths. Estimating can be great fun. I have had some wild guesses in my time but found that it did improve with practice. My estimation of when we were going back to school was a bit wide of the mark though!


Liam Barry (Room A2) raised over €1000 for healthcare workers in St James Hospital. He ran 40km over 10 days. Lots of his friends sponsored him. That was very brave and thoughtful of you, Liam. Well done and well done to all who sponsored Liam too. 


Ms Nolan in Room 7 is still keeping us on our toes with her exercise classes. It’s a good job too as we will soon be having our annual Active Schools Week.


A walk in Tymon Park is always a good idea. I wonder have the ducks and swans noticed how many extra visitors they are having daily. The nature trails in Tymon are certainly worth a visit too.

Media Library - 1Ducks  Media Library - 2Swan  Media Library - 3Wildlife on Lake  Media Library - 4Carving on Tree


Mrs Treacy misses the boys and girls from Room 11 but she is enjoying seeing their pictures, photos and even some TikToks on Seesaw. They are a very talented bunch. When she has some free time she has been busy gardening, painting, baking and reading. She was finally able to do one of her favourite walks since the radius has increased to 5k. Here she is smiling at you from the Hellfire Club surrounded by copious amounts of yellow gorse flowers that smelled like coconut.

Media Library - 5Hellfire Club


Ms Corcoran has been taking a trip down memory lane. She painted this picture of a toucan she spotted while on previous travels to Bolivia. I think she was inspired by our jungle explorers in 2nd class.

Media Library - 6Painting by Aoife


Liz has been giving her son, Ryan, some great example as in ‘do as I do and not as I say’ mode. She has been studying for state exams. He seems to be more impressed with that than her adventures in the kitchen. 


Cobe, Mrs Gaynor’s new puppy,  is getting big. He has discovered the joys of digging. He loves having the company of the whole family around him. Whisper this..... Oisin tells me he has also chewed the legs of the kitchen chairs but he didn’t mean it!!! 


For my ‘something new’ this week I tried my hand at being a barber. Suffice to say I will be apologising to mankind for a long time. 


Who shall we send ‘Thanks’ to this week. How about we leave a ‘Thank you’ note on our bins to let the bin men know that we are happy to see them every week? They never let us down.


Happy birthday wishes to -

Room 1:   Indie

Room 7:  Tommy

Room 10: Reuben

Room 12: Cathal

Room 14: Ruby

Room 16: Niamh

Room A2: Alara

Room A3: Robert


Hope you all have a good week.

Be happy


Mrs Nolan


10th May 2020


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