Bishop Shanahan National School

Principal's message to children

Hi boys and girls


It’s been a while. 


Today is 21st June, the longest day of the year. It is also called Midsummers Day or the Summer Solstice. Today you will have daylight for more hours than any other day of the year so more time to play and have fun. I hope you have a good day. 


School has been a very busy place for weeks now as we make plans for September. By now you know the name of the new teacher you will have next year and in a few weeks, about mid July, your teacher will introduce herself to you on screen and tell you a bit about herself and your class. 


The school building is getting a facelift too. The outside has been painted, five rooms are getting new flooring, all rooms are getting new lighting and a courtyard is getting a makeover. Mick is doing a great job keeping the grounds looking spick and span. He said to tell you that the alpacas are doing great. Three of them got caught out in a heavy shower last week - remember Mick told us how they didn’t like the rain - but they cheered up after Mick gave them some nuts.


You will be glad to hear that Paula finally got her new kitchen. She found that camping out in the back garden can be tiresome after a while. 


My squirrel friend is still calling around. He now hops from flower pot to flower pot. I’m afraid to look too closely at him to see which of my plants he’s dining on. Did you know that squirrels dig holes in the garden? I do now! 


Ms Healy has ordered all the books for you. She has persuaded her whole family to cover them. Paint, clay, art supplies and new equipment have been delivered to the school. 


Active Schools Week was a great success. We loved seeing everyone at home getting involved in activities such as the obstacle course and mindful movements. I got brilliant ideas from you for a fun family scavenger hunt. I think I’ll pass on the stamina run though. I see some of you even turned into ‘kitchen wizards’ making healthy smoothies, flapjacks and muffins. Move over Jamie Oliver and Mary Berry.


First classes have been working very hard. Last week we saw your creative side as you made toy cars from recycled toilet roll and bottle caps. The teachers loved seeing all your creations. The Kahoot quizzes have been very popular. Rooms 13, 14 and 15 are trying hard to knock Room 16 off the leaderboard.  


Cobe, our beautiful ‘lockdown’ mascot is continuing to entertain us. He arrived the week school closed so has been with us all the way. He is now twice the size he was when he arrived. This week he started dog school and it wasn’t on Seesaw! He’s really very good and loves hanging out with the boys. He loves saying hi to and playing with all the children on the green, so much so that sometimes he runs out on his own to say hi. He does need dog training though as he ATE MRS GAYNOR'S GLASSES!!


Media Library - Cobe1  Media Library - Cobe2  Media Library - Cobe3  Media Library - Cobe4  Media Library - Cobe5


I have a big favour to ask of you. I would love to hear your ‘voices’ about the last three months, who you spent the time with, what you liked doing, what you didn’t like, anything that made you happy or what made you sad. Did you learn anything about yourself during the time? Do you have some special memories you could share with us? If you would like to participate in this could you write or type a short letter, on your own or with help. I will collect them from the school post box every day and on our return to school I will compile your letters into a book by you and for you. It will be a social history told by children of a remarkable time in our lives. Don’t forget to put your name on it. 


Finally can I say how fantastic you have all been. You stayed home when we asked you to. You gave up many things you loved. You went to school in a whole new way. You cheered us up and cheered us on. You brought energy. You were strong. 


You are wonderful.


Thank you.


Your Principal


Mrs Nolan


21st June 2020



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