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Hello boys and girls!


“Spring is nature’s way of saying,   Let’s party”   Robin Williams


I hope you have all partied during the Easter holidays, in your sitting rooms, in the garden, on a screen or even in your imagination. I know you have been wonderful. All your mammies, daddies, grandparents and teachers tell me how good you are at finding new ways to party, keeping in touch with family and friends and staying busy.


The garden is full of wonders at the moment. As I write this the birds are singing outside my window. This week I saw robins, magpies, blue tits and blackbirds. I even had a wandering pheasant come calling which was a first for me.

Media Library - Pheasant

Why not do a garden bird survey this week and send your teacher photos of your daily visitors? You might be surprised at what you see. 


Your teachers have been in touch with me. They, too, have been trying out new things and enjoying time with their families. 


Mrs Bourke sent me a photo of her looking very happy and healthy. She likes to walk every day, is trying out some new recipes and is getting her home ready for a new arrival this August.


Ms Dillon is back at home in Donegal. She has beautiful places to take a walk in. She is also doing a lot of reading for her masters in education. She is researching the importance of play in learning mathematics. She tells me that....

Media Library - Play is form of Research

So every time you play you are really being an important scientist carrying out research. Keep up the good work. 


Ms O’Donnell is being very creative. Look at the little hat she knitted for her baby niece and the delicious birthday cake she made (for herself). Happy birthday Ms O’Donnell. She really has a magical place for her walk as her local park just happens to be home to an amazing fairy village.

Media Library - Knitted Cap  Media Library - Birthday Cake  Media Library - Cassie Fairy village


Ms Healy, room 9, has turned her back garden into an activity centre. Her family like to play football and tennis, draw chalk pictures and jump on the trampoline. Naoise and her Mammy have been playing Snakes and Ladders together too but, so far, the snakes haven’t been too kind to Naoise. Hang in there Naoise. 


Mrs Ward, Gerry, Helen and Maeve did lots of things together over Easter. They made chocolate nests, Easter cards for all the family and even decorated an Easter tree in their front garden for the neighbours to enjoy.


Mrs O’Brien is kept busy these days running after her very busy toddler, Harry. He loves having his Mammy around. The boys and girls in room 10 know how much Harry loves Peppa Pig but now he has discovered Paddington Bear. He thinks it’s very funny when Paddington gets up to mischief. I wonder if he’s getting ideas. 

Mrs O’Brien said she is missing Artie Smarties so much she is going to start painting the garage next week with her little sidekick, Harry, when the sun shines. 


Seesaw will be back tomorrow so I hope you tell your teacher all the exciting things you have been doing. I’m sure you will give us and each other some great ideas. It will be nice for you to catch up with your teacher and your friends again.


If you would like to make a ‘Thank you’ card this week, perhaps you could let all our postmen and postwomen know what a great job they have been doing, delivering post each day with smiling faces and looking out for people who live alone. This card will be easy to deliver as you can drop it in to your nearest postbox. 


Happy birthday wishes this week go to....

Room 3 - Iarla; Room 4 -  Ethan;  Room 9 - Harry;  Room 10 - Sam;  Room 12 - Holly, Victoria, Evelina;  Room 14 - Sean, Jake;  Room 15 - Sadie, Jake;  Room A2 - Mei-Li


Take care and stay safe

Mrs Nolan


19th April 2020


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