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Hello boys and girls,


No doubt by now you are adjusting to being at home instead of at school. We miss seeing your smiling faces around the school but expect that you are cheering up your families instead.


The teachers, SNAs, Mary, Mick and I are all at home too. We have been keeping ourselves busy. I am trying to be good. I go for a walk early every morning and listen to the birds singing. It’s a lovely way to start the day.


Mrs Gaynor has a new puppy so she’s really busy. He is a golden retriever called Cobe. He’s very good but gets excited easily and can be mischievous. He loves robbing their socks and hiding them in his bed. Oisin and Conor have already taught Cobe how to sit but he’s still only learning how to walk on a lead. 


Mary is working from home. That’s both good and bad. She has no interruptions but the biscuits are far too handy!


All of the teachers are getting ready to work with you from March 30th. You will be able to see what tasks they set for you every day and share your work with them. They are preparing some nice surprises for you all.


Lots of people are working very hard to supply us with food every day. Perhaps, this week, you could design and make a ‘Thank you’ card for your local shopkeeper. By keeping it to a single sheet they will be able to read your message straight away. Whoever is doing the shopping could drop it in for you. 


I will write to you again next week and share some more news from school.


Keep those smiles going.


Mrs Nolan


P.S. This is Cobe:

Media Library - Cobe


22nd March 2020


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