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Hello girls and boys!


Can you believe it.... this is my 7th message to you. I have more news from the teachers and SNAs and I am constantly getting good news of all of you staying safe at home, keeping a two metre distance when out walking, being creative on Seesaw and reaching out to family, friends and frontline workers. 

You are being wonderful.

So, please don’t worry. There are many clever and kind people who are making plans for how and when we will meet up again.

In the meantime, keep smiling, trying new things, playing games, telling jokes, going for walks, keeping in touch with family and friends and anything else you can think of doing.


Senior Infants have blown me away with the activities they have been doing recently. Here are some of them. You might get good ideas for new activities. I certainly have. They celebrated World Autism Day and Earth Day (choosing three ways to save the planet), floating and sinking experiments, Spring Scavenger Hunt, Cosmic Yoga, numbers 7 and 8, shadow art and writing about their favourite family memory. Next week I will drop in on one of the other class groups to see your wonderful ideas.


Ms Gahan is making plans to create a unique piece of artwork for the school and she needs your help. Ms Gahan is a very talented artist but she first started to draw when she was your age. This is one of her first drawings when she was 8 years old:

Media Library - Art care bear


SuperTed and Manchici were drawn recently and provide inspiration for our school project.

Media Library - Art super ted  Media Library - Art deaglan


We would like you to draw/paint your Teddy Bear and send a photo to your teacher. Ms Gahan will make a huge wall hanging of all your drawings on our return. Be sure to sign your work of art and keep the original in a safe place as Ms Gahan did.


This week I made a huge jigsaw. My son helped me but I missed having my granddaughter sitting beside me doing it. Then again, my grandson thinks breaking up jigsaws is great fun, finished or not!!! Here they are dropping by to wave in at me through the window but studying stones proved to be way more interesting.

Media Library - Jigsaw

Media Library - Ned looking in window  Media Library - Ned+Nell looking at stones


I have also been visiting Dublin Zoo by webcam. I got to see two baby penguin chicks and I learnt a lot about giraffes. Watching these beautiful tall graceful animals is very soothing. You should try it.


Ms Young is working on Seesaw from her home in Laois. She walks miles every day. I think she must be winning the step count among the staff. She has walked the paws off her little dog, so much so, that when her dog sees her coming with the lead she runs away and hides.


Maria is also doing a bit of hiding. She is trying to make herself invisible because her daughters are busy studying and her husband is working from home. To distract herself Maria is trying out new dinners - some for the first time and some, she tells me, for the first and last time!


We must spare a thought for Paula. She is without a kitchen for the past seven weeks; rather her kitchen is a building site without any builders. So, what do you do when this happens you? You place a pretty tablecloth on a garden table, add flowers and candles and you are good to go.

Media Library - kitchen paula

Good for you Paula. I like your spirit.

Sid is not missing the builders at all. He was never a fan. Here he is looking sheepish though because he got into trouble for eating all the bird food.

Media Library - backgarden sid


And now it’s time to say ‘Thank you’. This week I want you to turn the tables around and ask everyone you know to send you a ‘Thank you’ message, hug, letter etc. because your goodness and patience are

helping the world right now and we are ENORMOUSLY proud of you. 


Finally, may I wish a happy birthday to all the boys and girls who will be celebrating their special day this week...

Room 1:  Fiona

Room 3:  Billy

Room 5:  Olivia 

Room 11: April

Room 13: Alex

Room 15: Dan 

Room 16: Sean

Room A2: Cillian


Until next week, have fun and stay safe.

Mrs Nolan


3rd May 2020



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