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Hello girls and boys!


Today is Sunday, right?

It’s hard to tell now as each day has a bit of ‘Sunday’ in it.


I expect you were quite busy this week with Seesaw being back on. The teachers were delighted to hear from you again. 


I hope you had a chance to do the DEAR (Drop everything and read) time that Niall de Burca reminded us of on Friday. If you missed it you can do it any time at all.


I have started to dip into the pile of ‘I must read sometime’ books that I keep in my house. Right now I am reading a book I first read as a teenager. I loved it then and I love it now. I even named one of my daughters after it. If I tell you her name is Jane, see if your Mammy or Daddy can guess the name of the book I am reading now!!! If you have a favourite book why not tell your friends about it on Seesaw. 


I see that Orwell had two very special visitors during the week, Ruairi and Donagh, the Garda horses. They chose our area for a nice quiet stroll because we have the best boys and girls in the country. Will we invite them back for a special visit once school opens again?

Media Library - Horses1  Media Library - Horses2 


Mrs Costello and Rory don’t have to travel far to see horses. Here’s Rory looking over his back wall at new foals, Phoenix and Tiny Tim. Rory is asking Santa for a horse next Christmas.

Media Library - Horse and Foal  Media Library - Rory and horses 


Can you spot the Easter bunny in this picture? Ms Dillon caught sight of this little fellow on Easter Sunday....

Media Library - Easter Rabbit 


Mrs O’Shea has been sending me recipes for delicious treats. I think baking has become far too frequent in my house already but it’s hard to resist such temptation. Mrs O’Shea’s lovely dog, Sammy, can’t believe his luck having his family around ever day. Here he is asking for his morning walk. Now who could resist that face?

Media Library - Sammy the dog 


Emma and her family are busy preparing the garden for the Summer. Their creative juices are really flowing, from building trampolines, assembling BBQs and every artistic craft imaginable. The only problem is that 18 month old ‘Bob the Builder’ Freddie has taken on the role of site manager and with that, has commandeered all the tools. Emma keeps in touch with family and friends by video calling them to keep them all smiling. Her call to me certainly did the trick.


Sharon is getting to know her new area while out on her walks. This is slightly worrying as Sharon’s sense of direction, or lack of, is legendary. In school she is used to our daily reminders ‘out the staff room door and turn right’. Enjoy your walks Sharon but be sure to make your way back to BSNS soon. 


For our ‘Thank you’ cards this week I thought that instead of looking out our windows, we might look inwards at all the people we share our home with, who care for us, play with us, put up with us and everything in between. How nice it would be to thank each of them for being with us every day and for helping us create new memories that we will treasure in the future. 


Happy birthday wishes to..... 

Room 5 -  Aisling, Nessa;  Room 9 -  Zach;  Room 10 - Mark, Eabha;  Room 11 - Doug;  Room 14 - Timmy;  Room 15 - Aidan


Until next week,

Take care,

Mrs Nolan


26th April 2020



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