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Hello again boys and girls


I hope you are all well and enjoying something new each day. I am hearing wonderful stories about how fantastic you are at helping out at home... tidying up toys, emptying the dishwasher, reading books and even managing to give your family some quiet time. Not everyday will go according to plan but it is enough to know that you are trying your best. The teachers and I are enormously proud of you. 


I too have been trying something different. The sun came out this week so I thought I’d try some gardening. It was lovely to get out in the fresh air.  Every Spring the Camellia bush outside my kitchen brightens up the garden. It is full of buds now and almost ready to bloom. However this little fellow has other ideas. 


Media Library - Camelia in garden


He calls daily, often bringing his friends with him. And yes, you’ve guessed it..... his favourite food to party on are my Camellia buds. Despite all, I’ve become very fond of my little visitor. 


I mentioned, last week, that the teachers were busy preparing Seesaw for you. Are you ready? We can’t wait to hear what you have been doing. My namesake, Ms Nolan from Room 7, is planning on keeping us all on our toes from Monday. Her  ‘let’s keep moving’ sessions will go live from Kilkenny - Monday and Tuesday at 1pm. Follow the link your teacher gives you to tune in. Be sure to have your tracksuit and runners ready. 


I had a nice chat with Sr Nuala yesterday. She is well. She is missing all her friends in BSNS but is kept busy minding all the sisters in the convent and takes a walk in the garden daily. She prays for each of you every day and for the staff too and all our families. 


Cobe update: Cobe has now learnt to walk to the end of the road on a lead, just. They are big steps for a little dog. He also survived his first bath, a very wet Mrs Gaynor told me! 


Thank you message: Your creative thank you cards cheered up the local retailers this week and added some colour to their days. Perhaps you could make a card this week for our wonderful doctors, nurses, pharmacists, care workers, ambulance crews, paramedics and hospital porters who are working really long hours caring for us. You will be bringing the best of BSNS spirit to them all. 


Finally,  happy birthday wishes to the children who had birthdays since the school closed and those who have one this week. I hear that virtual birthday parties are all the rage so go for it Abbie R1; Sophie and Shauna R2; Aaron, Jamie, Ruairi R4; Finn R5; Sean R8; Fionn R9; Carter R11; Ryan, Alex, Khloe R12; Aaron R13; Ruby R14; Clodagh R15; Jack, Sabina, Barry, Corey R6; Hope R7; Liam RA2 and Matthew RA3.


Looking forward to hearing all your news.

Take care of yourselves


Mrs Nolan, Principal

29th March 2020


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