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Easter news from Principal

Hello girls and boys!


Happy Easter to you and all your families. 


What a lovely day it is today, the sun is shining and there’s chocolate to eat.


You all know Mick. He takes very good care of our school, keeping it smart for us when we are there and even when we are not. Did you know that he also keeps birds and is a renowned judge at bird shows? But today I want to introduce you to Mick’s alpacas.


Media Library - Alpacas

Here’s a photo of some of the alpacas out enjoying the sunshine. Alpacas stay out in all weather but they don’t like heavy rain. If it starts raining they will all run for shelter. When the sun shines you will see them sunbathing. They eat mostly grass and hay but Mick gives them special alpaca nuts which they love. They eat them like sweets. Yum yum.


Media Library - Poppy

This is Poppy and her mother Blackberry sunbathing.


Media Library - Toast

Mick calls this alpaca Toast because she looks like she has a piece of toast on her head. Here she is with her son Dapper. Dapper is 8 months old but he still likes being with his Mammy.


Media Library - Jackson

Here’s Jackson. He’s the most curious of all the alpacas. He’s always ready to come over and give you a kiss. He’s like a big black cuddly teddy bear.


Media Library - Toffee+Fudge

Here are Toffee and Fudge. These two girls were born at the same time. They are nearly 2 years old now. They are best friends. They go everywhere together and you can still see them some evenings playing around like new born cria. A cria is a baby alpaca. 


Media Library - Thunder

This is Thunder. He is the youngest alpaca and he still takes milk from his mother. He was born during a thunder and lightening storm. That’s how he got his name.


Media Library - Sid

Say hello to Sid. He’s the daddy of all the Cria. He’s very strong but very gentle especially with his babies when they’re born. Sid comes all the way from Australia. He’s a champion alpaca. 


Isn’t Mick lucky to have these beautiful alpacas and aren’t they lucky to have Mick who cares for them with such love. 

Thank you Mick for sharing them with us today.


Have a lovely Easter. And please stay safe.


Mrs Nolan


PS:  This weeks birthday roll call -

Happy birthday to: 

Room 7: Sofia

Room 8: Shuhan and Beau

Room 14: Alannah and Gareth

Room 15: Nathan

Room 16: Jack


12th April 2020


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