Bishop Shanahan National School

Class online learning

We hope everyone is keeping well and still smiling during these tough times.


We have thought about the most helpful way to support parents of young children at this time. We have decided to set up a class online learning forum using Seesaw. Each teacher will email you later on today with a link for you to log in to your child's class, if you so wish to do.


Teachers will provide ideas/activities/tasks for the children to do Monday - Thursday. They are non-curriculum, fun based tasks. Children can upload their pictures/videos/writing for their teacher and classmates to see. All posts require teacher approval before they can be posted on the class site. We hope it will keep the social element of school alive for the children and they will get an opportunity to connect with their friends and teachers.


We completely understand that this is a very stressful time for some families, especially if people are unwell, trying to work from home, have small children, etc.  Never underestimate the importance of play for young children. And reading! So if this is how you are spending your days, that too is fine.


Please understand that using Seesaw is optional. It might suit you some days and not others. You may like to show your child other children's work but not upload theirs. You might not want to opt in at all.  There is no pressure on anyone so it's what suits you and your families best.


Please stay safe and heed the advice re hand hygiene and social distancing


Ann Nolan, Principal


26th March 2020


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