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Problem of the Week in B.S.N.S.

Problem of the Week has begun in Bishop Shanahan. Get those maths minds thinking and solve the problem each week. 


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Our problem solving strategies are:

  1. Draw a picture or diagram.
  2. Find a pattern
  3. Guess, check and revise
  4. Use concrete objects.
  5. Use a number sentence.
  6. Read the question twice.
  7. Count out loud.
  8. Use your fingers.

Click here for the answers to the problems below:


Week 13: 28/05/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem:


Challenge 1: Make a tower with 5 blocks, only use 4 colours: blue, green, red and yellow.


Challenge 2: Make a tower with 5 blocks, use 3 colours: red, blue and green. Use red on top and blue on the bottom. How many green blocks will be in between?


Challenge 3: Make 2 snakes with blocks/cubes or lego. Use 9 blocks/cubes or lego. Make one snake longer than the other.


1st/2nd class Problem:


Claire had some lollies. After giving 37 of them to Jack and 36 to Will she had 42 left. How many lollies did she have at first?


Week 12: 21/05/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem:


Which is the odd one out and why?

-      Ball, box, book, brick

-      Monday, Thursday, Wednesday, Saturday

-      Bottle, watering can, bucket, book

-      Lion, elephant, kitten, tiger


1st/2nd Class Problem:


I am a 2-digit number. The sum of my digits is 12. The difference between my digits is 4. What number am I?


Week 11: 14/05/2018


Junior/ Senior Infant Problem:


The clowns are performing at the circus. There are 5 clowns standing up. There are 4 clowns standing on top of them. There are 6 more clowns in 3 rows. How many clowns are in each row?


1st/2nd class Problem:


Charlie hung out 4 shirts on the line on Monday, 8 shirts on Tuesday and 12 on Wednesday. If this pattern is to continue, how many shirts will he hung out on the Sunday?


Week 10 - 01/05/2018


Junior/ Senior Infant Problem: 


You will need to watch an online clip for this week’s problem. Please follow this link:

Are you surprised by the result?

Can you explain what is going on?


1st/2nd class Problem:


I have read 134 of the 512 pages of my book. How many more pages must I read to reach the middle?


Week 9 - 23/04/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem:


You have 7 bears in three different colours. Two bears are yellow. The number of blue bears is equal to the number of yellow. You have more green bears than any other colour. What bears do you have?


1st/2nd class Problem: 


You have 10 bears.  You have an odd number of green bears.  You have 1 yellow bear and 1 red bear.  Your number of blue bears is one more than the total number of green and yellow bears. What bears do you have?


Week 8 - 16/04/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem:


Last year, Katie’s cat caught a total of 6 mice and birds. Her cats caught 2 mice. How many birds did her cat catch last year?


1st/2nd class Problem:


How many days do September, October and November have altogether?


Week 7 - 9/04/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem:


There is a banana, a pineapple, a lemon, an apple and an orange in a fruit bowl. I choose a fruit that is not spiky, not in a bunch, not orange, not yellow and is green. Which fruit do I choose?


1st/2nd class Problem:


Finish the pattern....

3 , 8 , 13 , 18 , 23 , ___ , ___, ___, ___, ___,


Week 6 - 19/03/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem:


Jade bought a gob stopper. It cost 6c. She paid for it exactly. Which coins did she use? There are 5 different ways to do it. Find as many as you can.


1st/2nd class Problem:


Three birds laid some eggs. Each bird laid an odd number of eggs. Altogether they laid 19 eggs. How many eggs did each bird lay? Find as many different ways to do it as you can.


Week 5 -  12/03/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem:


A milk crate has space for 9 bottles.

Can you fit 6 bottles into the crate, with no 3 in a row?


1st/2nd  class Problem:






















































Can you add up all the numbers for the word ‘SCHOOL’?



Week 4 - 05/03/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem: 


One day two little polar bears were sitting on three pieces of ice. Four little seals were sleeping on five pieces of ice. Six little penguins were swimming in the ocean. Seven little fish were swimming in the ocean too. Eight birds were flying in the sky. Nine big whales were swimming in the ocean. They all played for ten minutes. How many of the animals can swim?


1st/2nd class Problem:


A gel pen costs 11c more than a pencil. 2 pencils cost 26c. How much does a gel pen cost?



Week 3 - 26/02/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem: 


Take three different colour blocks, maybe red, yellow and blue. Make a tower using one of each colour. E.g. with red on top, blue in the middle and yellow on the bottom. Now make another tower with a different colour on top. How many different towers can you make?


1st/2nd class Problem:


A goldfish costs €1.80. An angelfish costs €1.40. Emma paid exactly €20 for some fish. How many of each kind did she buy?



Week 2 - 19/02/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem: 


Katie was given a marble on Tuesday. Then she was given two marbles every day for a long time. When did she get her 11th marble?


1st/2nd class Problem:


In a class there are 20 students. They are wearing jerseys of 3 different colours- blue, green and red. The class was lined up in a way that the pattern of jerseys was: blue, blue, green, green, red, blue, blue, green, green, red....

What colour jersey is the last child wearing?

How many students are wearing a red jersey?



Week 1 - 05/02/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem:


Can you help Tommy put his 9 puppies to bed? There must be the same number of puppies in each bed. How many puppies will be in each bed? (There has to be more than 1 bed and more than 1 puppy in each bed.)


1st/2nd class Problem:


Alex has 9 bags of apples. In each bag there are 7 apples. He shares them equally amongst his 5 friends. How many apples do they each get? Are there any apples left over?






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