Bishop Shanahan National School

Travel Action Day 2015

We will be holding a ‘Travel Action Day’ on Wednesday, 13th May, when we will be encouraging the children to walk, cycle, scoot, park ‘n’ stride or bus it to school to promote sustainable travel.  In conjunction with the Parents’ Association there will be a ‘walking bus’ leaving Orwell Roundabout at 8:45 a.m. and picking up passengers along the route.  The children may wear the school tracksuit on the day.


We are asking the children in 1st and 2nd classes to think of a ‘travel slogan’ that would encourage us to walk, cycle, scoot or park and stride where possible.  We would like the children to design a poster with the slogan.  We will be delighted to display all the children’s work in the school hall and we will choose a winning slogan early next week.  We have lots of small prizes to reward effort and creativity.


7th May 2015