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Greetings from Bishop Shanahan Green School Committee!


At school we are working hard to look after our environment. The school already has three Green Flags for environmental protection - the first for Litter and Waste, the second for Saving Energy and the third for Saving Water.  Next year we will be working on our fourth green school flag for Travel.


Over the past few months we have been revisiting previous themes and checking our efforts of sustainability in each of these areas. Our studies revealed we are using a large number of paper towels around our school. We surveyed each room and noticed that the main use for paper towels is for drying hands. This is a major concern for us as green school committee members and something we would like to take action on.


We would like our school to use less paper towels in our classrooms. We are encouraging everyone to use the hand dryers that are available in the bathrooms after washing their hands. This way we can cut down on the amount of paper towels that we are using every day. By saving on paper towels we are caring for the trees in our environment.


Please help us with this mission to reduce the amount of waste in our school by encouraging your child to use hand dryers where possible. If your child would prefer not to use the hand dryer please put a face cloth in a ziplock bag in your child's school bag so it can be used to dry hands. There will be no paper towels in use in our school from January.


We thank you for your help with this challenge.


Kind regards

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