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Spotlight on our Green Committee

Media Library - Green Committee Feb 2014

Green-School Committee

In BSNS, the Green-School committee is made up of children from first and second class. We currently have 9 children on our committee. Each year the children from second class  are responsible for mentoring the children from first class when they join the committee. Committee members visit classes regularly and attend monthly meetings regarding green school matters with the Green School co-ordinator Ms. Dillon.


Environmental review

As part of our environmental review the committee looked at the ways they use water in the school. They sent out questionnaires to each classroom. They took water meter readings regularly. They went on a water walk around the school to check for any leaks that might exist. They conducted a water audit on the number of taps and toilets that could be found in the school. They discovered that the toilets and hand basins were replaced throughout the school in 2011. Since this upgrade the school had made a huge saving on the amount of water consumed. Following on from their review the committee then came up with a plan of action to focus on ‘low-cost methods’ to save water and ways to promote ‘water awareness and water value’.


Action Plan

  • All classes learned about ways to save water at home and school. Children from first and second class designed posters at home to save water and these were placed throughout the school. From these posters, the Green Committee decided on our school slogan -  ‘Drip Drop Zap, Turn Off That Tap!’.
  • A Turn Off campaign commenced around the school. Leaky Tap Detectives were established in classrooms to monitor and report any leaks that Séan, our caretaker, needed to fix. Posters were placed beside classroom taps to remind everyone to ‘Turn Off’ the tap when not in use.
  • Each class completed curriculum work related to water and displayed their efforts around the school.
  • A Water Action Day took place in January 2014, and all classes visited the hall to check out cool water experiments presented by the children in first and second class.
  • Children in first class took part in a Water Quiz.
  • All Children are encouraged to take home a Trócaire box this Lenten Season. Trócaire is encouraging everyone to take action this Lent be being more water aware in our daily lives.
  • NEW February 2014: All Children are invited to take part in The Green Schools ‘Value Water’ Poster Competition.

Informing and Involving

  • In order to involve the whole school community, the committee regularly update the school website and green school notice board.
  • Committee members visit classes to inform all students of all the work being carried out on behalf of green schools.
  • The committee involve and inform parents and the local community through the school newsletter and the parish newsletter.
  • The committee invited Barbara Reilly from South Dublin County Council to come in and visit some of the classes to speak about the importance of water in our lives.
  • Third Class from Bishop Galvin National School was invited to our Water Action Day.
  • A suggestion box regarding our water theme was placed in the school hall for everyone to use.


Would you like to get involved?

  • Save water (and money) at home by checking out our top water tips.
  • Tell your neighbour especially elderly neighbours about how they might be able to save water at home.
  • Test your knowledge by taking our Water Quiz.



March 2014