Bishop Shanahan National School

Saving Energy Slogans

Here are some examples of the great slogans, poems and raps we received to help promote our energy theme. Thanks everyone for all your hard work:


"Energy is life, life is energy, do not waste it"

Luke Aged 7


"On the 4th of April it all began,

Green week in school was the plan,

We recycle our waste,

To save all we can,
We switch off the telly even the little red light."

Ellen Aged 7


"The earth has a battery, don't wear it out by using too much energy. The earth has some water, don't use it all. We all can have some and the world will grow tall."

Mia Aged 7


"It's good to be green if you know what I mean,

Recycle your litter and don't be obscene.

Drive eco friendly cars if you're really that keen

And put an end to global warming.

Start the eco friendly dream."


"When you turn off the light you know you are right."

Eoghan Aged 7


"Shut the window, shut the door. That's how we do it in Green Week"

Sean Aged 7


"Recycling is cool in school"

Alex aged 6


"Turn off the light when it is already bright"

Tadhg Aged 7


"Close the windows, close the doors. So we can have the scores"

Eoin Aged 6


Check out our Green School Board at school to see some more great work.


October 2011