Bishop Shanahan National School

Reducing Paper Towel Usage

In December 2019 we set a challenge to reduce the usage of Paper Towels in our school.....

Media Library - Paper Towels 1

‘’It’s the best idea the school has had’’. (Mia, Second class)

Congratulations to all classes for the great effort put into reducing paper towel usage in our school since the start of January 2020.


The children in 2nd class did some maths:

  • They saved 6 packets of paper towels during the month of January 2020.
  • They worked out the average usage for the school and reckon the children of BSNS have saved up to 108 packets of paper towels during our first month.

If we keep this challenge up we could save 1,296 packets of paper towels in a year. Are we up for the challenge?


Well done everyone!!

Green School Committee

31st January 2020


Update: May 2021

Bishop Shanahan N.S. has continued to reduce paper towel usage since 2020.  Well done to all the children and teachers who made this change happen in our school community.


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