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What's going on....

The Green School committee holds meetings every fortnight in the meeting room.

Here is a little insight into what we have been getting up to.

  • We took a walk around the school conducting spot checks on the taps. We were delighted that all the taps were turned off. Well done everyone!
  • We made a map of all water sources in the school and it is displayed in the school hall.
  • We chose our Green Slogan for Water Conservation from the posters we received from 1st and 2nd classes. It was a tough job! Well done everyone who took part. The winning slogan will be displayed all around the school to remind us to save water.
  • We asked our caretaker, Séan, lots of questions about the school’s water supply. He was very helpful.
  • We visited the water meter to take a meter reading.

We are planning to make January our ‘Water Saving’ month in an effort to achieve our ‘Green School Water Flag’.

We will be having our renewal visit at the end of January conducted by Barbara O’ Reilly from South Dublin County Council.

Keep an eye on the website to hear about what events will be happening during our ‘Water Month’.


Why not get involved and save water at home too? We would love to hear all about your efforts to save water at home. Feel free to send any suggestions, pictures, poems, songs that you may have on saving water into school. We have a suggestion box in the school hall.



December 2013

Photo Gallery - Saving Water

Checking water meter with Sean
Checking water meter with Sean
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Checking water meter with Sean
Committee Meeting
Checking water pipes with Sean
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