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The number one rule to keep the planet cool.

Recycle your rubbish at home and in school.

Paper, plastic, glass and tin all have their own recycling bin.

Pick up litter to make our school glitter.

We can help to save a polar bear.

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Mia, aged 7, a green school committee member

November 2019


We met our Green School Travel Officer, Karen, on Wednesday 2nd October. Karen has some great ideas to get everyone involved in our quest to protect our environment. We look forward to working with Karen through various workshops and environmental audits.

Our first job is to look back at our previous themes. Up first is Litter and Waste.

Litter and waste

In 2009 we received our first green flag for litter and waste. We are delighted with our great efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle around the school environment.

Here is a list of some of the things we are currently doing in our school to reduce, reuse and recycle litter and waste:

  • Each class has a recycling bin which we empty daily.
  • Battery boxes are located outside each classroom.
  • We use reusable lunch containers instead of tin foil.
  • We encourage the use of reusable drink bottles.
  • We use recycled paper towels in BSNS.
  • Children from First Class are responsible for ‘Litter walks’ of the school to ensure our school environment is litter free.
  • Children from Second Class help Mick (caretaker) to empty the large recycling bins in our corridors every week.



Why not visit for ideas on how you can help at home.


The Green School Committee

October 2019


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