Bishop Shanahan National School

A very successful Water Action Day

There was great excitement in school during our recent Water Action Day.  Children in 1st class penned some acrostic poems.   Have a look below at the Photostory of the day and the following are comments from some of the children in 2nd class:


Room 16 did a cool experiment. They showed us how to make dirty water clean.’

Holly, Room 15


‘We wore blue clothes on Friday. We showed everybody how water moves up a plant. It is called transpiration. My favourite experiment was making music out of water.’

Agata, Room 15


‘On Friday we brought our water experiments down to the hall. We went down to the hall and looked at all the experiments. My favourite was Room 13. It was called ‘Will It Float or Will It Sink?’

Callum, Room 15


‘My favourite experiment was how to change tissue paper into a different colour.’

Séan, Room 15


‘Water action Day was on Friday 17th January. We are trying to earn our third green flag for saving water.’

Callum G, Room 14


‘Every class got a type of project and we got the water cycle. Alannah and I presented it to the 3rd classes from Bishop Galvin, it was great fun. My favourite part was presenting.’

Mia, Room 14


‘All experiments had to have water. Our project was the water cycle.’

Alex, Room 14





24th January 2014



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