Bishop Shanahan National School

Get Children Active! Top Ten Tips…

1. Get active yourself

Children learn through example!


2. Switch off the tv and limit screen time

Reduce the amount of TV. Children are not active while sitting watching tv.


3. Get a routine going

Children should use at least 60 minutes a day being active. There are 1,440 minutes in a day - loads of time to get moving!!


4. Make it family time

It’s a great opportunity to have a laugh and chat while exercising together.


5. Teach your children games you played as a child

They will love them as much as you did.


6. Chores for cash

Let your children earn their pocket money by doing active chores. Everyone’s a winner!


7. Walk or cycle to school

Encourage your children to walk or cycle to school where posssible.


8. After school activities

Encourage your children to get involved.


9. Develop basic skills

Help your child to develop basic skills such as throwing and catching. Get your child to practise the skills they have learned in PE.


10. Give the gift of activity

Buy gifts that encourage activity such as balls, skipping ropes and hula hoops etc.

Remember "A strong, active body is a strong, active mind"


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