Bishop Shanahan National School

Super Troopers

Our school has been invited to pilot an exciting new programme called 'SUPER TROOPERS' that has been created by Laya Healthcare.  The aim of the programme is to encourage children to learn about a healthy lifestyle and increase their physical activity levels. The recommended daily activity guideline for children is 60 minutes. The SUPER TROOPERS programme will help achieve this.


The children in 1st and 2nd class have received their ‘SUPER TROOPERS’ Activity Journal. The journal is full of fun activities to do at home daily.  The activities are designed to help pupils increase agility, strength, balance and overall activity levels along with fortnightly healthy lifestyle tips/reflection activities.


SUPER TROOPERS with Laya Healthcare is about ensuring that children have as much fun as possible while getting active.  It is not about winning or losing but trying your best and having fun!  So, please encourage your child with their daily activity.  It can be completed as part of their homework.  However, they DON’T bring back the journal to is to be kept at home.  The onus is on the parent, not the teacher, to complete the journal.


Many thanks


J. Browne

Active Schools Coordinator


7th September 2014


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