Bishop Shanahan National School

School visit of new Junior Infants on Monday, 31st August

Dear Parents/Guardians


I expect the excitement of starting school is building in your house at the moment. Here are some details, which are specific to Junior Infants, to help with your planning. 


Monday August 31st


Junior Infants are invited to visit the school for a 'walk-through'. The visits are arranged class by class to allow children to experience drop off and collection regimes. It will also be a chance for them to meet and greet their teacher and fellow classmates. The times of the visits are as follows:


Room One (Ms Curran):      10am 

Room Two (Ms Dillon):        10.15am 

Room Three (Ms Medbury): 11am 

Room Four (Ms O'Donnell):  11.45am 

Room Five (Ms Caden):       12pm 


  • Entry to the school is through the double gates located in the staff car park, and exit is through a single gate, both on Rossmore Road. These points will be clearly marked, and staff members will be on hand to direct you. 
  • Two adults may accompany the child to the yard. Each family will join the class line as marked. We regret that it is not possible to allow parents into the classrooms this year. You may emphasise to your child that it is a very short visit.
  • The children do not need to wear the school uniform on this visit. Parents do need to wear face coverings once they have entered through the school gates.
  • After the short walk through, the teacher will lead her class back to the yard for collection. Once the entire class is outdoors, parents/guardians may step forward to collect them. The whole exercise will take approximately 20 minutes.


We hope this visit will allay any concerns you have about the busyness of "first day at school" and add to the success and joy of starting big school on the morning of Tuesday, 1st September. 


We look forward to welcoming you all.


Kind regards


Ann Nolan


20th August 2020



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