Bishop Shanahan National School

Drop off and Collection Routines

Dear Parents/Guardians,


The Board of Management and the School Leadership Team have been busy planning for the safe reopening of Bishop Shanahan National School. We have worked in conjunction with Bishop Galvin N.S. Returning to school after the summer holidays is always an exciting time in school, most especially for our incoming junior infants and their families. We look forward to the first of September 2020 being a day of celebration for all. 

The health, well-being and safety of the school community are of the greatest importance to us. A Covid-19 Response Plan detailing the policies and procedures necessary for the school to meet the Government's Return Safely To School Programme has been prepared. Every aspect of school life, teaching, learning, organisation and physical environment has been assessed and documented. Today, I wish to share plans for the calm and safe return of the children on the morning of September 1st. 

We ask all parents to familiarise themselves with the new routines for the drop-off and collection of all our pupils. Over 1000 people will be entering the two school buildings over a short period of time, and a similar number will be in the environs of both schools. It is necessary to stagger drop-off and collection times to allow for our young pupils to be handed over safely to their teachers in the morning and to their parents/guardians in the afternoon. 


Our plan for return on Tuesday, September 1st is as follows: 


Drop off

8.50am - Junior and Senior Infants 

9.10am - First and Second Class

(Siblings in either school may come at 9am) 



11.30am - Junior Infants (September 1st - September 11th)

1.30pm - Senior Infants (and Junior Infants from Monday 14th September) 

2.40pm - First and Second Class


Please note the following:

  • The gates on Rossmore Road are exclusively for the children in Bishop Shanahan N.S. (BGNS will enter from Orwell Park Road only)
  • Parents/Guardians of the children from Bishop Shanahan may enter the yard up to a buffer line. 
  • We ask that only one adult accompany a child and that all adults wear a face covering. 
  • Parents/Guardians may not enter the school building.
  • Pupils will wear the school uniform or tracksuit - alternating them at parents discretion to cater for regular laundering. 
  • Pupils will need suitable rain gear daily as it is essential that they go out to yard each day and that the classrooms are ventilated. 
  • All pupils will sanitise their hands on entering the classroom. 
  • Each pupil should have his/her own wash bag containing a packet of tissues, a small packet of antibacterial wipes and a face cloth/small towel for hand drying if they do not wish to use the school dryers. 
  • Drop-off/collection times for junior and senior infants can take up to 20 minutes, please allow for that when making your arrangements.
  • Senior Infants/First class/Second class will not line up before school and will walk straight into their classroom. 
  • It is essential that people do not come to the school before the allocated time.

The current arrangements are temporary and are subject to changes that may occur at local or national level. 

We hope that the details included in this email will clarify for you the drop off and pick up times for the first number of weeks following reopening. Staff members will be on hand at gates and doors to provide direction and support our families as they adapt to school changes. Further correspondence detailing entry points and one way systems will follow at the end of August. 

We remain upbeat that returning to Bishop Shanahan N.S. will be, as it always was, a fun and exciting experience. 


Kind regards,

Ann Nolan


14th August 2020



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