Bishop Shanahan National School

Problem of the Week in B.S.N.S.

Problem of the Week has begun in Bishop Shanahan. Get those maths minds thinking and solve the problem each week. 


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Our problem solving strategies are:

  1. Draw a picture or diagram.
  2. Find a pattern
  3. Guess, check and revise
  4. Use concrete objects.
  5. Use a number sentence.
  6. Read the question twice.
  7. Count out loud.
  8. Use your fingers.

Week 2 - 19/02/2018


 Junior/Senior Infant Problem: 


Katie was given a marble on Tuesday. Then she was given two marbles every day for a long time. When did she get her 11th marble?


1st/2nd class Problem:


In a class there are 20 students. They are wearing jerseys of 3 different colours- blue, green and red. The class was lined up in a way that the pattern of jerseys was: blue, blue, green, green, red, blue, blue, green, green, red....

What colour jersey is the last child wearing?

How many students are wearing a red jersey?



Week 1 - 05/02/2018


Junior/Senior Infant Problem:


Can you help Tommy put his 9 puppies to bed? There must be the same number of puppies in each bed. How many puppies will be in each bed? (There has to be more than 1 bed and more than 1 puppy in each bed.)


1st/2nd class Problem:


Alex has 9 bags of apples. In each bag there are 7 apples. He shares them equally amongst his 5 friends. How many apples do they each get? Are there any apples left over?



February 2018