Bishop Shanahan National School

School Building Programme

Work has commenced...

This week work started on the demolition of the old prefabs.


11th January 2017

Latest Update

We are delighted to announce that the issues causing a delay to the new build have now been resolved and the Department of Education and Skills has approved additional funding for the project. Construction will commence as soon as is practical.


24th October 2016

School Building Programme - update

Final plans for the new building are currently being drawn up.  Planning Permission has been approved and detailed plans are now being prepared.  There is a delay in finalising these plans as the Department is not currently in a position to approve the increased funding that will be needed to complete the project.  Hopefully, a new Minister will be in place shortly and final approval can be received.  It is hoped that the current pre-fabs will be vacated before the end of term and that a new temporary structure will be erected on the school pitch to accommodate classes while the permanent structure is built.


As soon as concrete news is available, the Boards of Management will issue a statement advising parents of plans and the timeframe involved.


29th April 2016




Statement from Boards of Management (BOM) of Bishop Shanahan N.S. and Bishop Galvin N.S.

As you know, the pre-fabricated units will be replaced as soon as possible.  An architect has been appointed and preliminary plans have been presented to the BOM.  The next step is to secure planning permission and this, it is hoped, can be applied for before Christmas.  The plan is to replace the current unit with a two-storey permanent structure adjoining both schools.  It will have a much smaller footprint than the current unit as it will now be adjoined to the existing main buildings.  This has many advantages.  As well as having state of the art facilities in the new building, children and staff will no longer have to brave the elements moving from one building to the other.  Also, visitor access to the new building will be limited to the existing main buildings so it will be a far more secure unit for our pupils.


We will keep you updated as plans become available.


4th December 2015